Accepting End User License Agreement Adobe Acrobat

I can`t view web PDFs because I have to accept the end user license agreement and I don`t know where to do it. Please tell me exactly what to do. Thank you We have this problem for a lot of users and we found it just weird that if you have a file that gives the error, then just open the Adobe Reader program before clicking on it, then it would be fine open. Similarly, the protected fixed mode would not work in our case, as it prevents users from opening a PDF file from a file sharing. Can you tell us if this article solves the…In short, it offers: Solution 1: You don`t need to install discs to install Adobe Reader – simply uninstall (the methods differ depending on the operating system) and download a new copy – > – and install it. You should receive the ACU once, then everything should go smoothly, with Reader`s Internet plug-ins being installed simultaneously. I have the same problem! If I double-click to open PDF files, I get the error message “Accept the end user license agreement.” I tried all the proposed corrections, but no one was able to solve my problem. This error appears when I try to install the Adobe Reader update. I have creative cloud and my Adobe Acrobat is all licensed and active. What`s the matter? Activate Protected mode is a new feature in Reader X that allows a “Sandbox” layer of security in Reader. Read here: click the right mouse button on Acrobat DC and select run as an administrator. Enter your system`s username and password if you are asked to do so.

I reported my adobe results in the bug report function 2 weeks ago, but I didn`t receive a response. This is definitely a mistake you need to correct the ASAP.… When users open Adobe Acrobat for the first time, the Adobe license agreement appears. also shows that other threads have been launched ( so is not sure when this can be displayed or answered. I have exactly the same problem, every forum I`ve checked tells me that the end user agreement should be requested when I open Acrobat Reader, but not because I installed it about two years ago (and I probably accepted the deal at the time). I can`t reinstall it all because I no longer have these hard drives, and now I`m stuck because I can`t open pdf in my web browser… It seems that Alex is right. I deleted the bProtectedMode recording of the policies of the AdobeLockdown software and I was able to open all the files with the message.

However, I`m not 100% sure what it will do with other PDF files, as we originally disabled it, which allowed some files to open. Until now, this user was ok with Protected Mode ENABLED, but in a recent test, I was prevented from opening a PDF-B/c web on my PC at my desktop.