Dbs Cardmember Agreement

We exchange your personal and personal data of members of the membership card with consumer credit bureaus and conduct credit checks and other assessments. We can notify the current account offices on your card account if you do not make payments when they are due. They will record this information and be able to share it with other organizations in accordance with their legal competences and obligations. Accor Plus registration is required to obtain Accor Plus membership benefits. The free Accor Plus membership benefit is available only to the basic American Express Singapore Airlines Business credit card member and is only valid for one year from check-in under which the standard eligibility criteria apply. Please sign up americanexpress.com/sg/business/benefitenrol. Membership fees are only granted upon presentation of a valid Accor Plus card and the member must identify himself as an Accor Plus member at the time of booking. Please visit www.accorplus.com/en-sg/about/terms-and-conditions for terms and conditions. American Express reserves the right to order AccorHotels to cancel your Accor Plus subscription if you are no longer a member of American Express Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card or if your card account is not in good condition.

1.1 For the purposes of this benefit system, the following words have the following meanings, unless the context requires something else: 25.90% per year from the date of payment to the amount of payment and the full payment of the corresponding taxes the card is valid until the registration on the printed expiry date. You allow us to issue you an extension or replacement credit card American Express Singapore Airlines Business Basic prior to the expiry of the current American Express Singapore Airlines Business Basic credit card and to allow us to issue an extension or replacement card to an additional member or card member before the current card expires. We will charge an annual fee for the card account. We will continue to issue renewal or replacement cards unless one of the events in paragraph 14 occurs. We reserve the right to suspend the sending of renewal or replacement cards at our discretion.