Dewa Electricity Connection Agreement

29. Can I merge my existing electricity bill with my electric vehicle electricity bill? The inverter converts the direct current produced by the solar modules into an alternating current (AC) that can be used directly in the home or injected into the DEWA network. The inverter must be located in an airy, safe and accessible area and be protected from direct exposure to the sun and water. Inverters generally have a yield of more than 95% and a general guarantee point for 10 years. Off-Grid photovoltaic installations are not connected to the grid and are designed to use PV-generated electricity exclusively in your own home or installation. 1. What is One Step Move-in? After your Ejari is released through one of the 800 Property Management Centres/RERA, your data is automatically transferred to the DEWA system and DEWA creates your account (DEWA Move in). 2. Do I have to apply separately for dewa withdrawal from the Property Management Company/Rera-authorized centres? No, you are not required to apply separately for dewA Move in Property Management Company/RERA Licensed Centers.

3. Do I have to submit documents for dewa Move in Property Management Company /RERA-authorized centres? No, you are not required to submit documents for DEWA Move in Property Management Company/RERA Licensed Centers. 4. Do I have to forward the DEWA payment receipt to the Property Management Company/RERA-approved typing agency for the issuance of Ejari? No, you are not required to forward the DEWA payment receipt to the property management company/RERA for the issuance of Ejari. Simply indicate your 9-digit local number (shown on the door of each building) 5. How do I know that DEWA created my move in? If you receive your Ejari, you will immediately receive a welcome SMS and email from DEWA with your DEWA account data. 6. How can I pay DEWA`s deposit? The welcome email you will receive from DEWA contains a link for the payment of the deposit. By clicking on the link, you can pay DEWA Security Deposit online. You can also pay DEWA Security Deposit through any DEWA payment channel. 7. If I don`t receive a welcome email from DEWA, how can I move in? If you have not received a welcome email from DEWA because you have not entered your correct email ID from property Management Company, you can apply online on the DEWA/DEWA Smart App website.

8. Do I need to enter the Ejari number while I search online on the DEWA/DEWA Smart App website? Yes, from July 1, 2017, you must enter the Ejari number if you apply for DEWA Move on the DEWA/DEWA Smart App website. 9. How will the Ejari number at DEWA Move in the DEWA/DEWA Smart App website help me? If you enter a valid Ejari number, you don`t need to submit documents. 10. Should I submit Ejari for the dewa Move-in Service? Yes, from July 1, 2017, all customers (tenants only) will have to submit Ejari for the move-in-Service dewa. 11. Do I have to file both the lease and Ejari for DEWA Move? No, all you have to do is file Ejari, which replaces the traditional lease for DEWA Move in. 12. Can I receive my Ejari from one of the 800 property management companies at the time of receipt of my lease? Yes, you will receive your Ejari upon receipt of your lease by one of the 800 “Certificate” EJARI property management companies, “safety deposit” fees and delivery activation fees for electricity and water services: 13.

What is the amount of the tax for the Ejari? – Ejari issue – AED 170 payable to RERA through one of the licensed property management companies / RERA-approved centres – Service charges – AED 40 for issuing Ejari to registered property management companies /AED 45 at RERA 14 licensed centres. What should I do if the fees charged by the real estate companies/authorized centres are higher than those mentioned above? In cases where customers notice additional costs from a property management company/RERA-approved centre, please inform the Dubai Country Department – 971 800 4488 – so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.