Israel Agreement With Jordan

The king told his aides that it was the best meeting he had had with an American president since his first meeting with Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1959. On 9 July, the king informed the Jordanian Parliament that it was time to end the state of war with Israel and to hold a public meeting with Israeli leaders. He wanted the meeting to take place in the area. In a meeting with the Centre of Israel and Jewish Affairs in Canada, King Abdullah of Jordan noted that Israel, which he recognizes as an important regional ally, has responded extensively to Abdullah`s demands to resume direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. [10] Promoting peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is one of Jordan`s top priorities. It supports the Efforts of the United States to reach a final settlement, which it believes should be based on the 2002 Arab peace initiative proposed by Saudi Arabia. [11] In April 1994, King Hussein sent Halevy to another secret meeting on the Jordan River. The king told him that he was ready to commit to a peace treaty and to conduct direct discussions to settle borders and all other issues. He wanted to move fast. He also called for Israel`s assistance with Washington to restore relations, including the resumption of military aid and spare parts and the delivery of a squadron of F-16 fighter jets to the Royal Jordanian Air Force. The agreement had been discussed for years, but neighbors were only able to finalize it after Israel and the two Gulf Arab countries signed a historic agreement last month to normalize relations, according to the Israeli Transport Ministry. During the 1967 Six-Day War, despite an Israeli warning from Nasser, Jordan joined Egypt and lost control of the West Bank and East Jerusalem over Israel, but did not give up its claim to the territory until 1988.

Jordan significantly reduced its military involvement in the Yom Kippur War in 1973 against Israel. Jordan and Israel signed the 1994 Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty, which normalized relations between the two countries. The main achievements of the Washington Declaration were a series of agreements and concrete measures that symbolize the new era: relations between Israel and Jordan are diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between Israel and Jordan. The two countries share a land border with three crossing points: Yitzhak Rabin/Wadi Araba Crossing, Jordan River Crossing and Allenby/King Hussein Bridge Crossing, which connects the West Bank to Jordan. Relations between the two countries are governed by the 1994 Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty, which formally ended the state of war that had existed between the two countries since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and established diplomatic relations among other things. Relations between the countries are strained from time to time, most often due to tensions at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. [1] [2] On 8 October 2020, Israel and Jordan agreed to allow flights over the airspace of both countries. [3] Israel has facilitated Jordan`s trade with Iraq and Turkey since 2013 by allowing goods to be transported by truck via jordan River Crossing near Beit She`an.