Nsgeu Collective Agreement Nslc

Halifax (March 1, 2013) – Members of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE), employed by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC), have reached an interim agreement. “We are very pleased to have reached this interim agreement,” said Joan Jessome, President of NSGEU. “Chief Negotiator Neil McNeil, Commissioner Nicole McKim and the Negotiating Committee worked hard to secure an offer they could recommend for membership.” Canada`s universal public health care system requires a federal vision and leadership. Millions of Canadians have joined the demand for more federal standards, nothing less. A cordless agreement to ensure that the money goes to care and not to profits would not be acceptable. Details of the preliminary agreement will be sent to accession within the next 10 days. The union will be able to provide details of the improvements to the contract as soon as membership has received it. “We also appreciate and want to recognize the respectful tone the employer has had during our negotiations,” says Jessome. People working in intensive care and emergency units, COVID inpatient units and long-term care personnel in COVID treatment units receive these shots. “A message to all the union members of Suzanne MacNeil, President of the Halifax-Dartmouth Labour Council District: Hello, my name is KRIPA and I was so excited when I received the email for the introduction. Being an international is a hell of a lot… d time when you come to Canada for the first time, but I really have to mention, after all this fight in search of a job NSLC gave me the best opportunity in 2018. I started at the end of October 2018 as a casual salesman in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, and am currently a casual trader at TRUO WEST.

Being away from home was not as good as I thought it would be. NSLC store in Ice Bay made sure that I enjoyed it and it is my manager and all the other employees was one of the best and they offered me all the Christmas decorations and so many other things, just to make sure that my first Christmas will be the best and guess what it was the best. I was sad to have moved from there at the end of June, when I moved to TRURO with my fiance. TRURO WEST NSLC reinstated me as being the same position, and it was the best. Managers and other colleagues are so energetic and organized. I love being part of the team and I`m proud of it. IT`S REALLY NICE TO BE WITH THE FAMILY. We encourage everyone working in the health sector to participate.

These include people who provide medical services directly to individuals (. B for example, doctors, nurses, massage therapists, dentists, dieticians), but also people who provide technical assistance (. B for example, receptionists, technicians) and other health services (for example. B cleaning and nutrition staff, safety). You are invited to zoom-webiner…. When: Dec 9, 2020 19:00 Halifax Subject: Halifax Dartmouth and District Labour Council December Regular Meeting But nursing homes worry that the little flexibility they had in trying to contain an epidemic of COVID has disappeared, with their beds empty. Health Canada regulators have given the green light to Pfizer`s COVID 19 vaccine, an important step towards launching the largest immunization program in Canadian history. If your work focuses on education, development, cultural and history preservation, and the promotion or protection of people of African descent in Canada, please participate in this survey.