Offtake Agreement Traduccion

I have not seen any reception agreements other than water, so I can no longer tell you about the case. And there is no Simetria between the welcome agreement and the buyout… nothing is connected… Thanks Maria Laura for clarifying that the translation was just for “out of agreement”. Luis: Are water rights a coincidence? A host agreement is linked to water rights, the amount of water to be supplied, for example. I think that, according to your logic, that “in-take” and “off-take” here another way of saying “take” and “pay” should not take and should not be number agreements rather than making wage agreements?: An agreement between a producer of a resource and a buyer of a resource to buy/sell parts of the producer`s future production. An acquisition agreement is normally negotiated prior to the construction of a facility such as a mine, to ensure a market for the future production of the facility. This is a contract signed at an early stage of the project, as it serves as a guarantee for the revenues of the financing project. Maria Laura, in your answer, you think you`re going to make a deal or pay, don`t you? I understood that these contracts are one of the possible forms that can take off-take agreements, although there are other financings ( structured: on the basis of the financial capacity of sponsors, but also taking into account in- and off-off agreements, state aid. André, I share your logic with regard to the in-take agreement. As I said in my first remark, I think it is the procurement contracts that are part of some projects.

Read more: I`m still at Nadia`s thinking that absorption would only be in the field of supply, here in water: water agreement. I mean, the water supply that`s going to form in a place x.