Retainership Agreement In India

. to terminate the retainership contract with the applicant and, if so, to what amount, if any, is the defendant entitled to the unlawful termination of the retainership contract? OPP. Commission of paragraph 1.55.000/- per year. (iii) letter from the defendant to the applicant dated 23 June 2001, extending the retainership contract for a further year. 19 September 2002 by the defendant to the applicant, the retainership contract having been extended from 1 April 2002 to 31 March 2003. The commission has also been increased to 1.80.000 / – (Ex. Many Chennai law firms charge a special discounted fee for clients who mandate our lawyers on an annual commitment basis. Therefore, this agreement with our firm will help clients reduce their legal fees. . as defined in Explanatory Note (2) to Article 32A(2). With regard to export market development assistance, ITO found that the investigation showed that the evaluator had entered into a retainership agreement with Marc. Rich & Co. and the object of the agreement was not to deliver goods manufactured by Assessee and retainership was to be paid for the performance of liaison work related to operations.

Market development allowance. This has been allowed in previous years as well as in the initial assessment for the year in question. Under the Services Agreement of 3 August 1976. . The same applies to the Retainership Agreement of Dr. Arvinder, the first plaintiff. It says: “9. Non-advertising of employees and customers, non-competition. Dr. Arvinder represents and warrants that, for the initial duration of its engagement with the Company and for a period of five years immediately after the termination of this Agreement, for any reason. additional level of appeal to clause 9 of the retainership agreement of the specific date, i.e. January 21, 2011.

Second, the entry of the first complainant into M/s.Arth Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. as boss. . that Respondent No. 2 received fixed remuneration under the retainership agreement and that it cannot be treated as wages paid to Respondent No. 2, who considers him to be an employee of the petitioner. In what makes me feel good. . Relationship or it was an agreement for contract work. On the basis of the retainership agreements, the AO summarized the content of the agreement as follows:..

“Copy of. In support of the assertions, the complainant relies on Kolkata ITAT`s decision against . In accordance with the evaluation, the appraiser provided a list of 44 persons with whom the appraiser had entered into a contract that was considered a retainership contract. The standard copy of the contract and that one. (10) This Agreement may be terminated one month in advance by any Party without justification and, on the expiry of the abovementioned period from the date of entry of the notification, this Agreement shall be terminated, except in the case of matters already entrusted to the Part of Part Two which have not been completed. . . .