Sap Business One Purchase Blanket Agreement

So I have this comprehensive agreement here. And what I did was put in place a package agreement for BMX bikes for Blue Zoom. Above, I tell you who the client is, then on the right, I have the agreement to germinate where there are two that I will guide you through both, but this will be the article method. Then I have the start and end date of this agreement. Among the many new improvements made to package agreements in SAP Business One version 9.3, there are features that make the function more flexible, including the ability to: one thing I have to watch under the alloy frame, so here we have an alloy frame, small, and we have a discount of four percent behind this item , so if I apply alloy frames and it`s small we see it`s a 2% discount. Okay, so what happens here, so I have a 4% discount on special prices, but then the hierarchy replaced and applied this 2% discount. So just something to consider when you`ve set up this discount period, and you can set up the structure. It will not be the lowest price or the best discount given to this counterparty, it is what the data was completed in the section indicated. Thus, due to the installation, a 2% discount was applied to this order.

It always shows you the available stock. But then you can drive things like the provision and use lump sum agreements as a source of supply and demand, so it`s a very good area of the system to look at to see if it will apply to your system. For more information on creating sales framework agreements, see sap Business One`s official documentation. I see below, there was a message that I have exceeded the number of units on this general agreement. So he follows all these things. So if they`ve only committed x, and then for the whole period of effective flat-rate agreements for the system, just say, “Hey, they`ve gone beyond that lump sum agreement, maybe you`ll have to make another lump sum agreement for an additional period.” Now, most organizations that use SAP Business One have pricing requirements that should be put in place in the system. And today is a demonstration of all the options available or some of the options available around pricing in SAP Business One. So we`re just creating a little bit of awareness so you can bring it back into your business and see if it can apply to your own system.

It`s pretty complete. Some options exist and hopefully with these options, you can get the right result in your system. So I`m going to end this, because the next part I want to talk about is a lump sum deal. Learn how other companies are using SAP Business One to improve business efficiency. From there we are in the article, the product, the unit of measurement of this particular item, and then the amount that the debiteur wants to buy you. So once these five vectors have entered the system, the system will go through this price logic, the price hierarchy. A sales framework contract is a long-term agreement between a distributor and a customer. It usually occurs when a customer has committed to purchase large quantities of products that will be delivered over a period of time in several minor shipments. So that`s the overall agreement. So I can then enter BMX again, another type of BMX bike that we have set up in the system, so I have a Marley BMX type bike, it`s $900 and it`s taken from this lump sum deal.

If I change the crowd, we`ll just get out of this lump sum deal, and it`ll be tested.