Service Agreement Payment

In exchange for providing braintree payment services to you, you agree to pay us the fees, including transaction, multi-currency and refund fees, as outlined in the pricing plan available under and included in this reference. We reserve the right to review our taxes at any time, subject to 30 days` notice for you before the new taxes come into force. Interest will be collected at a rate of 1.5% less per month or the maximum amount allowed by law for all outstanding amounts. If you have a good faith dispute over the amounts due, you agree to pay the undisputed sums. Interest does not incur on the amounts at issue as long as you pay these amounts within 30 calendar days following the settlement of the dispute. As a guarantee for the payment and performance of all existing or subsequent obligations existing or subsequent under this Contract or any other PayPal obligation, you grant PayPal a security privilege and interest on and for all your existing or future rights, securities and/or interest on, or under, this agreement, reserve, all funds in reserve, all reserves established at any time in accordance with this agreement and all proceeds of the previous contract. The Distributor undertakes to properly execute the instruments and documents and provide them to PayPal necessary to perfect and otherwise satisfy the right to pledge and security interests granted PayPal under this agreement. If PayPal is aware of a security incident related to the processing of the customer`s data and there is a reasonable likelihood of having a significant impact on a substantial portion of the PayPal systems related to payment processing services available to you, PayPal, in accordance with data protection legislation: a) inform you immediately and immediately of the security incident; and (b) take immediate and appropriate steps to minimize damage and ensure the security of customer data. The data protection provisions applicable to the agreement are set out in Schedule A (addendum to data protection) and are included in this agreement by reference; if this Schedule A does not apply to the Venmo service of PayPal, which is subject to the data protection principles set out in Venmo`s terms of service on The provisions of the data protection amendment preseive all the conflicting data protection and privacy conditions of this agreement. Payment processing services include the optional use of fraud maintenance tools by merchants to detect fraudulent transactions.