Social Security Agreement Epfo

A senior official with the Employees` Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) said India was in talks with Brazil to secure social protection for Indians who go to work in that country. Once the agreement is implemented, Brazil will be the 19th country where Indian workers will be able to exit any social security system managed there and choose the institution provided by EPFO. Indians working in Brazil will soon be able to benefit from social protection from EPFO. India has concluded operational social security agreements with Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark, the Republic of Korea, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Canada, Australia, Japan and Portugal. Workers travelling to one of the 18 countries may choose not to be part of the host country`s social security system. He said the talks were in the final stages and that a proposal for acquiescence by the Union`s Cabinet to a bilateral agreement to be signed between the countries would likely be released soon. Download the Economic Times News app to receive daily market updates and live trade news. All they need to do is visit the EPFo website and get a Certificate of Coverage (CoC). A simple one-sided application form is available for this purpose on the EPFO website, said the commissioner of the Provident Central Fund, V P Joy. You can apply for the CoC online and you can get it there. “The program is of great help to Indian workers who go abroad for a limited period of time.

The biggest advantage they get by opting for the CoC is that their money won`t be stuck in the host country for long,” Joy said friday.