Student Chromebook Agreement

Students will develop pathways tailored to their interests, abilities and aspirations. All students have a route plan when they leave our school. The MINT Works program provides our teachers with the skills they need: stimulating innovation and creativity, stimulating imagination and challenging students. Positive relationships are maintained. All members of the school community feel valued, safe, supported and respected. Learning is related to the context and experience of the students. Students will develop their sense of place in the local, regional and global community. YEAR 7 TO 8 TRANSITION DAY – THURSDAY 3RD AND FRIDAY DECEMBER 4, 2020 Insist, if things are difficult, this will lead to greater success. Be inspired to motivate yourself and others.

We expect a lot to learn successfully. Students are encouraged to enjoy learning and develop the skills that enable them to succeed. With more than 40 non-English speaking backgrounds, our school prides itself on its multicultural environment and diversity. Combination of SACE and vocational training in the form of a teaching or a school internship. We are pleased to have your child as a learner and you an important contribution to the educational experience in our learning community. We are proud to inform you that we now find an eNewsletter with schoolinzine you can find our latest newsletter here with compassion. to treat others with understanding and acceptance. Taking charge of the school environment. Parafield Gardens High School has held championship trophies for girls and boys in cricket, football and basketball for the past few years. Be positive, participate and aspire to be the best you can be now and for the future.