Travel Agency Credit Agreement

When booking, please include your frequent flyer membership dates (or other applicable loyalty program details). Please check the specific terms of your membership in your loyalty program. We cannot guarantee that the service provider will credit you with points for your booking. Deviations in the faithful program from your booking must be communicated within one month of the departure date. You must ensure that you are aware of all the health requirements and recommended precautions that are relevant to your trip, and make sure you have all the necessary vaccination documents. In some cases, the non-presentation of the required vaccination documents (for example. B proof of yellow fever vaccination) may deny you entry to a country or cancel your travel insurance. We advise you to consult your doctor, travel doctor or specialist before you travel. We will be happy to provide you with details about travel clinics on request. We are diligent in choosing serious travel service providers, but we are not travel service providers themselves and have no control or responsibility for services provided by third parties. We have a responsibility to ensure that your booking is handled competently and diligently and, therefore, our responsibility to you (excluding fraud, death or bodily harm caused by our negligence) is limited to the provision of the service in question or the payment of the corresponding service re-delivery fee.

Our liability will also be limited to the extent that all relevant international conventions, such as the Montreal Convention on Air Travel. B, the Athens Convention on Sea Travel, the Berne Convention on Train Travel and the Paris Convention, with regard to the provision of accommodation, limit the amount of compensation that can be claimed for death. , injuries or delays of passengers as well as loss, deterioration and delay of luggage. If you make a reservation with us, you acknowledge and accept that we act as intermediaries only for transportation, accommodation or any other travel service provider.