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Order No. 3 of 1986 (Consolidated) – T432 and T435 – Change in Private Sector Awards – Conversion of base salary and margin into total salary and change in all public and private sector bonuses and agreements You can take advantage of the agreement between Ontario and Quebec, if: The PSUWA 2019 was registered on February 25, 2020 and concerns staff covered by the Tasmanian State Service Award (TSSA) and the Award Health and Human Services (HAHSA). In the context of the negotiations on the agreement, there were a number of non-agreement issues that were discussed and agreed by the parties, in addition to the amendments made to the agreement and the relevant cooperation agreements. Regulation No. 9 of 1989 (consolidated) – T2146, T2152 and T2167 – amending all private and public sector bonuses and agreements in order to increase rates of pay and allowances in general and to review the principles of wage setting These printed leases are designed for the organization that prefers a paper form that the tenant can fill out and sign on the spot. Made with carbon fabrication, the tenant and the establishment keep a copy of the agreement concluded. Printed TSSA rental agreements are sold in packs of 25, 50 and 100 and can be purchased here online. You can order TSSA materials in our Comms division. comms@tssa.org.uk Please use this form request form promo-order number. 1 of 2018 (PDF, 1.7 MB) T14563 (DOCX, 19.1 KB) – Meal Allowance-Camp Allowance -Travel Allowance- operative de ffppoa November 15, 2017T14556 (PDF, 525.0 KB) – Wage rates – Tasmanian minimum wage rate set at $694.90pw – s47AB – supported salary varies – operational date from ffppoa August 1, 2017 If you wish to work in both Quebec and Ontario, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between Ontario and Quebec facilitates labour mobility between the latter and the provinces. Application for an Ontario Transportation Fuel Licence FS09131 (04/17).

Order number 4 of 1993 – T4402, T4403 and T4404 – Modification of the award – Indemnities – Approval case – Variable allocation – ffpp 16 June 1993 Regulation No. 5 of 1985 – Amending order – TA4 – Decision on unfairness in the limitation period and sentence of section 6, under E.1. the availability allowance and, in the variation, the adjustment of 2.6% in accordance with the decision of the national pay case of 3 April 1995 Application for registration of an underground fuel oil tank FS 09143 (11/14); (Procedures for registering underground fuel oil tanks) 5. More likely for equal pay TSSA is actively committed to fair pay in all workplaces through legal action and collective bargaining a TSSA has filed 39 cases for equal pay to Network Rail and is currently negotiating a new fair and transparent remuneration system for managers. Unlike lawyers who take over equal pay cases for individuals and collect fees, unions negotiate principled pay systems that involve all workers and use the collective strength of their members as leverage. Order No. 6 of 2008 (Consolidated) – T13142 and T13143 – Wage Rates State Wage Case 2008 applications to vary private and public sector awards Private Sector Awards Public Sector Awards, other than named awards – award wage rates to be increased by $19.00 per week – wage related allowances to be increased by 3.1 % meal allowance increased to $1 14.60 – State Minimum Wage rate determined at $546.10 – s.35 (1)(b) operational date ffpp 1 August 2008Revised Wage Fixing Principles By The use of the TSSA Portal and access to its online application and registration system and all associated applications, services and websites and/or the registration of a TSSA account, you expressly agree to the collection, use, retention and disclosure of information related to your account information by TSSA.