University Of British Columbia Faculty Collective Agreement

Your collective agreement is a legally binding document between HEABC and Resident Doctors of BC. The terms of the agreement indicate an obligation between all parties to create a safe working environment for you and your patients, while ensuring that you have the support you need to complete your training and thrive in your profession. Head of division (reference to collective agreements: Article 25.6): the term of office of a chair usually begins on July 1 and usually lasts three years. Claim (Article 32.2): A worker wishing to make a complaint in Stage 1 of the appeal procedure informs his appointed superior in writing, no later than thirty working days after the day: a) who has informed orally or in writing the appeal or fact that led to the complaint; or b) which he was first aware of the act or circumstances that led to the claim. The terms and conditions of faculty members, librarians and directors of extended learning programs are governed by UBC guidelines and, where appropriate, by the collective agreement between UBC and the Faculty Association. 5.04 Notwithstanding section 5.03, the parties will meet to discuss the resident`s employment status when a resident is placed on leave from a residency program. If the parties are unsure of the resident`s employment within 30 days of the start of the leave, the resident`s employment is terminated. The resident remains on the salary list during the 30-day trial. If the resident decides to terminate him, he receives severance pay under Article 05. In January 2020, the UBC and Faculty Association negotiating teams agreed on a new contract for the period from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022.

A membership information sheet was published (available on our negotiating blog) and the collective agreement was ratified by both parties in February 2020. A compendium of the agreement has also been published. Social is an opportunity to meet with members of your union`s executive and board, as well as with other faculties. The following sites represent which campus representative is the host, but the social is open to all members at all campus sites. Workers who participate in a return-to-work program for fourteen points (14.4) hours or more per week are entitled to all benefits of the contract, on a reasonable basis, with the exception of medical coverage and extended dental plan that must be paid in accordance with section 15 of the collective agreement. The salary requirement when participating in the program is in accordance with the terms of the agreement and is described below: March 31, 2019 – April 1, 2022Indication: The 2019-2022 agreement is active, but OCFA has not yet received an updated copy. The old agreement on the site will be updated if a copy of the new agreement is available. (A) The designation of residents as chief resident (administrative) and master resident (Chief Resident Positions) are academic matters. The appointment of residents to one of the chief resident positions must be approved by The Dean Associate in writing before they are effective. In the absence of an informal solution, RDBC, on behalf of its members, or the employer on behalf of the Residency program, or individually within 10 days of the resolution`s adoption, may refer Julie Nichols or any other person for consensual arbitration for mutual consent.