Voluntary Planning Performance Agreements

These are voluntary agreements between candidates and local planning authorities who contribute to them: in principle, planning agreements can be used for each application, but whether an agreement is justified depends on the size and complexity of the proposal. It may be possible to use a simple form of agreement for smaller systems, based on the main milestones to be met. PPAs can be used for any application. We recommend them specifically for large and/or complex planning proposals, but we can use simpler agreements for smaller applications. AAEs are particularly useful for larger and more complex projects that identify and address key planning issues (e.B.g., layout, scale, mix, design, highways and residential construction) before applying for development. However, applications of any kind and complexity can benefit from an AEA, including compliance with conditions. There is no one-stop-shop to provide effective and effective pre-application services. Local planning authorities are encouraged to make the prior applications they propose flexible, tailor-made and timely, in line with the nature and scale of the proposed evolution. As part of the national planning policy, it is recognized that the local planning authority has a key role to play in encouraging other parties to make maximum use of the application phase. The involvement of stakeholders prior to the application has considerable potential to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning enforcement system and to improve the quality of planning applications and their chances of success. This can be done by doing so: local planning authorities may charge for additional administrative work as part of the planning performance agreement.

As part of its expanded planning service, the Borough Council now offers candidates the opportunity to conclude a Planning Performance Agreement (AAE) with the Council. This corresponds to the Council`s existing pre-candidate consultation. An AAE is a project management tool that allows all parties to agree on schedules, actions and resources for processing planning applications. AAEs are generally agreed during the pre-application phase and cover the entire development process, from consultation of preliminary application planning and Community engagement to the follow-up decision phase, including conditions relief and location monitoring, to meetings on the progress of the application.