Wayleave Agreement Tnb

Authorization Power lines: their rights and safety the way for power lines: their rights and safety is to guarantee the safety of systems to ensure the safety of transmission and to avoid systems and systems to protect from any unwanted malfunction and can also affect the system to ensure public safety, supply and protection of distribution companies are responsible to the public to maintain public uncertainty , the usefulness of the under and adjacent tape, to be responsible for maintaining quality voltage lines. This striptanah with some width of land is usually not owned by the ground and close to the start-up utilities rented by fast voltage utilities. Landowners under special agreements of this particular width are generally not known as holiday agreements or have been cooked by the supply company, but it is leased when the Kreis Landoleh-Dienst-Dienst has become a specific agreement by the land owner with the administrator or public authority, which is known as the provision of the sectionsebai approval agreement or 11 of the Electricity Supply Act of 1990 [ Administrator`s Authorization Act 447]. However, utilities are authorized to carry out the work on the land as a menurut provision, Section 11 of Section 11 of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 [Law 447]. However, distribution companies are allowed to take and carry out field work in accordance with the Electricity Supply Act 1990. This directive is provided for these guidelines to enable landowners and public protection information to obtain information on the need for the transmission route of the lines, on the rights of landowners under the authorisation agreement or the authorization granted. Thanks to the authorization of the public authority and the public authority and the public authority, as well as Law 447 and Law 447 and security measures to be taken in the vicinity of the power supply, are sanitized near the line. The directive applies to the highest level. The application of peninsular Malaysia and Sabah only undini guidelines is limited to Peninsular Malaysia does not apply to Sarawak, which has nothing to adan Sabah only and does not apply to various laws on electricity supply. Sarawak with different laws on electrical development.