Which Sentence Demonstrates Correct Subject And Verb Agreement The Grain

“The car” is a singular theme, so it should go with the singular verb “is.” The other options overall are grammatically incorrect. C) I think it`s because croaks is a verb and frogs are the subject. The right answer to your question is option (B) – measles is a disease that can be painful and dangerous. NO, IT`S NOT C. And the tutors here don`t answer. It`s cheating. Alexia, your answer is correct. :) Explanation: the subject-verb chord means that the subject and verb must have the same number (both singular and plural). If we don`t use “neither” to connect two nouns (as we can see in sentence D, with the names “Carla” and “Tim”), we must use a singular verb (in this case”plays”), so the correct answer is the corresponding option D. The verb in the remaining sentences should be: are, play and squeak. John, that`s not true! Stop giving answers and especially false ones! What sentence shows the correct verb-subject chord? Can you help me solve this problem: what sentence shows the correct verb-subject chord? Has. The stories of the Alhambra are Ulia`s favorite book. B.

Rizzo and Vintus have been working together for years. C. Lars, accompanied by Bianca, was late for the party. Here are the poems Truvia wrote for Jydo last year. I can`t, but maybe some of the other people, sorry I`m not able to help, I`ve seen it over and over again, but I just couldn`t know it! Again, I`m sorry for the unspoken <–sorry about spelling-hehe, I hope you get help and Ace your homework! Good luck! D. Spinach leaves, delicious in salad, stuck in my teeth. D) Neither Carla nor Tim play in the band. A. The driving test, consisting of 12 .pages, is too long. 2.

The car with the bright headlights goes too fast. her C and Mrs. Hayley you would just have to give her the answer Jiskha, is not a place for free answers, but for homework “helps”! B. Measles is a disease that can be painful and dangerous. C. Neither of the two copy machines was working today. I don`t know who Mrs. Haley and John are. They`re not tutors. I have proposed here to supplement your question with options and answers. But did I give my answer? I stand by my choice of answer.