Yufa Collective Agreement 2019

The employer and YUFA are in negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement between the parties. The three-year term of the current collective agreement ended on April 30, 2018. Note: This law was repealed on November 15, 2019. (See: 20) The parties have concluded collective bargaining for new collective agreements for approximately seven months, including conciliation and mediation with the support of Ministry of Labour staff, but have not resolved their differences. A vote of the members of the negotiating units represented by the Union on the university`s latest offer was organised. This offer was rejected by all bargaining units. The Ministry of Labour`s ongoing efforts to assist the parties in resolving their disputes through mediation have been unsuccessful. Negotiations are deadlocked and the parties are clearly stalled. 9 Pending the implementation of a new collective agreement for a bargaining unit listed or in force by the parties, the terms of employment applicable to workers in that unit are applicable the day before the date on which one of these workers became legal, unless the parties agree otherwise.

2009, about 1, 9. The negotiation teams of York University and YUFA met twice this week, with the support of a mutually agreed mediator, to help both sides secure a collective renewal agreement. 18 (1) Pending attribution, there is nothing in sections 10 to 17 that prohibits the parties from continuing to negotiate for a new collective agreement and are encouraged to do so. 2009, about 1, 18 (1). 2. The Ombudsman`s arbitrator remains seized and may deal with all matters within his jurisdiction until the new collective agreement is enforced by the parties or enters into force in accordance with paragraph 19, paragraph 5. 2009, about 1, 12 (2). The University of York and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903, were parts of collective agreements that expired.

On Monday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 6, the negotiation teams of the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) continued their discussions as they followed a collective renewal agreement. The university is pleased to have reached a consensus with YUFA on two important points. We remain in favour of open and collegial discussions aimed at re-emerging a new collective agreement. Five more meetings are now scheduled for September, starting on September 5, so that these negotiations can continue to be concluded. York University and the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) continue to hold productive meetings and are working towards a collective renewal agreement. For the last time, the negotiating teams met on 13 August, 15 August and 20 August for discussions on important justice issues, an area that reflects a common priority.